The Right Furnace Service For Your System

A furnace service is more essential to the colder months than comfy sweaters or hot bowls of soup. When temperatures dip below breezing, you cannot just allow your heating system to breakdown unexpectedly. You need to take action in ensuring your heating needs are met immediately. However, when you call for service, you may find yourself asking “Do I need furnace repair or furnace replacement?” Making no mistake, fixing your heating system problems is an urgent matter. But you need to avoid throwing money at just any heating service. Choosing to get a repair when you really need a replacement and vice versa may prove to be a costly mistake. If you choose to seek a replacement when just a few small repairs would suffice, you may be losing up to $4,000 on a new furnace you don’t even need. Though repairs may only cost up to $300, spending that amount on a regular basis for a furnace that is much better off being replaced will eventually leave you with empty pockets. If you want to avoid significant money loss, you need to take heating services into serious consideration to ensure you are getting the repairs or replacement service just right for your needs.

Calling Outstanding For The Right Furnace Service Options

Outstanding is here this fall and winter to make that decision a little easier for you. We know how difficult it can be to assess what type of heating service would be right for you, and our heating contractors will be available at any point this season to offer insight. From there, we can provide a high-quality repair or replacement that will ensure you stay warm for the remainder of this season’s cold weather. Our replacement services, in particular, will ensure you have a modern furnace in your home guaranteeing a high level of efficiency. With our help, you can expect improved heating system efficiency, whether it be due to getting the right repairs or replacing your old heating system with a new model. Even better, you’ll have a safer furnace that will be less likely to cause fires or carbon monoxide emissions. You can rest easy knowing your furnace is keeping everyone comfortable and safe.

4 Signs You Need A Furnace Repair

Please call us for durable, long-lasting repairs when you experience any of the following issues:

  1. Thermostat Problems: Electrical problems and broken thermostats may result in an uneven distribution of heat in your home, but this does not mean you should spend thousands of dollars on replacing your furnace. A few adjustments to your thermostat will ensure you have greater control of your heating system. Investing in energy efficient thermostats will also save you more money.
  2. Clogged Air Filters: Clogged air filters in your furnace will block air flow and force the system to work even harder in producing warm air, resulting in higher energy costs. All you need in this situation is for a contractor to change the filers.
  3. No Changes to Efficiency: Newer furnaces are more likely to boast greater efficiency, ensuring you receive high-quality heat at a lower energy cost. If it stops working, however, it more likely means there is a broken component or connection in need of quick repair.
  4. Your Furnace is Younger than 10 Years: A new furnace certainly isn’t immune from experiencing problems, but it is highly doubtful those problems are a result of some major system failures. The lifespan for furnaces averages 20 years. If it’s younger than 10, seek repair instead.

4 Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

Call us for replacement instead if you notice any of the following with your heating system:

  1. High Energy Costs: Even though your furnace may work well, it may suddenly result in you spending more on energy costs. This is a sign that your system is losing its efficiency and will only get worse if you don’t replace the system with a newer, more-efficient model.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Emissions: When furnaces begin to seriously malfunction, they may leak out carbon monoxide due to an opening in the heat exchanger. You should not keep your furnace if this happens, as carbon monoxide may lead to illness or death. Replacing it with a new system will guarantee your comfort and safety throughout the coldest months of the year.
  3. Improperly-Sized Systems: If you sought work from a dishonest HVAC service, they may have installed the wrong-sized heating system in your home, leading to frequent system breakdowns and poor efficiency. Call a contractor at Outstanding in order to have a new system that fits perfectly in your home, and provides better efficiency as a result.
  4. Older Furnaces: You should replace furnaces older than 15 years as they are far more likely to experience issues that will cause repair costs to build up. Get a new system to guarantee greater long-term savings.

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