Hot Water Heater Services

Hot Water Heater Services in Smithtown

At Outstanding Plumbing, we understand how much of a nuisance it is to have an old, broken, beat up water heater. We're experts in repair, replacement, and maintenance of your units, and want to be there to help with whatever you need to guarantee your family has hot water each and every time they need it.

Water Heater Maintenance

Having annual maintenance on your water heater is important because it not only ensures efficiency, but it also extends the life of your unit. Without this maintenance - that includes a flushing of the tank - sediment can build up and cause the unit to stop working as it should.

Water Heater Repairs

Regardless of how attentive you are to your water heater, it will eventually need some repair work done down the line. Whether it's due to corrosion, fault valves, power loss, or leaks, your water heater will need to be serviced. Fortunately, many of those problems can be repaired easily. When we arrive to fix your unit, here's what you can expect:

  1. The first thing we'll want to do is fully inspect the water heater so we can determine exactly what the problem is.
  2. Then we'll test all of the components to see if there's anything we may have missed that was out of place or not working correctly.
  3. Once we perform both of those tasks, we will be able to properly diagnose the issue.
  4. We will fill you in on what's going on, and discuss with you the best possible options. We'll give you a comprehensive quote for repair and, with your approval, go forward with the job on the spot.

Don't let a broken water heater slow your day to a halt, call the experts at Outstanding Plumbing today for all of your hot water needs.

Water Heater Replacement

There are some types of water heater problems - like leaks - that cannot be repaired. And, if they could, they wouldn't leave your water heater in a good enough state to work as it needs to. That's why if you notice a leak, you should start thinking of replacement options. Do you want another traditional unit? A tankless? Gas? Electric? The choice is yours!

If your water heater seems to be operating just fine, and you aren't sure whether or not you need a new one, reading the following benefits might change your mind:

  • More hot water: Older systems take longer to heat up the water and can cause inconsistent temperatures each time you turn it on. Don't wait - just get a new one you can count on.
  • Reduced repair costs: If you are sick of dishing out money to have your unit repaired constantly, then it's time to throw in the towel and just get a new unit.
  • Increased home value: Newer water heaters look much better to home inspectors, appraisers, and potential home buyers.
  • Lower water bills: Inefficient systems use more energy which costs you more money every month. Save on water bills with a newer, more energy efficient water heater.

If your old water heater is constantly breaking down or costing you more and more each time it needs to be repaired, it's time to consider getting your water heater replaced. Trust in the water heater experts at Outstanding Plumbing to help you find the best water heater for you and your family. Call today!

Thermal Expansion Tanks

If you've ever had a hot water heater damaged due to excessive pressure, you understand the need for thermal expansion tanks. For those who haven't had to deal with this issue, a thermal expansion tank is a component added to your hot water heating system that prevents damage due to high pressures. When water is heated, it expands. This can cause your water heater to build pressure as the water attempts to overflow and when there are no protection systems in place, this can end up seriously damaging your water heater.

The plumbing experts have your solution, and can install a thermal expansion tank into your hot water system today.

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