Tankless Water Heater Services

Tankless Water Heater Services in Smithtown

If you're in the market for a new water heater, then make sure to consider the option of upgrading to a tankless unit. Interested in learning more about tankless water heaters? Then, keep on reading!

In order to fully understand the vast number of improvements that tankless water heaters have made on the world of water heating technology, it's necessary to first grasp how conventional units work.

The 411 on Conventional Tanked Heaters

Did you know that conventional water heaters are always working and burning fuel to heat water? Indeed, that means 24 hours a day, seven days a week - whether you are home, at work, out in the yard, or on vacation - a conventional water heater is always actively burning fuel. While water heaters are great for having on water when you need it, they consume an awful lot of energy, making your monthly utility bills significantly (and unnecessarily) spike.

Conventional heaters can also take up space in one's home, as a 40 gallon tank is far from being small. Because tanked water heaters need a good amount of space to set them up in, they are often placed in a decentralized household location. This can actually increase the time that it takes for water to reach your faucets.

This is precisely where tankless water heaters start looking like the best option available…

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Tankless water heaters are often called "on-demand" units because they only heat water when you need it. What this means is that if no one is home using the hot water, then your tankless unit does not heat. Who knew that saving money on your energy bills could be so easy?

Beyond the energy savings factor, tankless heaters are also much smaller than their conventional counterparts, so they can fit in more flexible locations.

In addition, tankless water heaters will:

  • Provide an endless supply of hot water, no matter how many fixtures are being used.
  • Lower water consumption rate by 20%.
  • Save more space in your home, as tankless units are roughly the size of your average carry-on suitcase.
  • Significantly save you money on energy bills.
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emissions by more than 60%.

To learn more about tankless water heaters, or to have yours installed, give Outstanding Plumbing a call today!

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