Heating Maintenance Tips For This Fall

Heating maintenance is highly important if you want to avoid overwhelming energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and simply not receiving enough heat this fall. The dangers of not seeking preventative heating maintenance extend beyond getting stuck in the cold this season, and also involve issues like lower system efficiency and increased safety hazards, including carbon monoxide. While you may think your furnace won’t run into issues this fall, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you do indeed avoid a heating system breakdown this season, it will be much more of a relief than having to encounter any setbacks associated with a faulty furnace.

Benefits Of Calling Outstanding

Outstanding is here to provide you with high-quality heating services that will maintain your furnace in no time. We have a team of fully-trained HVAC contractors who can provide your furnace with the treatment it deserves. They will be sure that no area of the furnace, no matter how small, will go unchecked. From there, they can make any repairs that will stop any problems in their earliest stages, so you are bound to have a relaxing fall without worrying when the next problem with your furnace will arrive. Plus, we’re a heating company that looks out for your best interests, which is why our contractors offer incredible customer service that will always go the extra mile. Our work will extend your system’s lifespan and will help you save money on energy bills.

8 Preventative Heating Maintenance Tips

While nothing can compare to heating maintenance services from a professional, you need to make sure you do your own maintenance to ensure the best heating in your home for the fall. Sure, a furnace tune-up may not be atop your list of fun fall activities, but it is arguably the most important thing you do this fall. Just by taking a few simple actions, you can ensure energy-efficient heat so you are not spending a single night stuck in the cold. We recommend you take note of these 8 maintenance tips for this fall:

  1. Clear the Area: If there is too much clutter around the furnace, you will need to remove it as soon as possible. Not only will you be risking lower levels of system efficiency, you will also risk safety hazards, especially if any objects near the furnace are highly flammable. This may also require you to sweep up any dirt and debris in the surrounding that would otherwise find itself in the furnace.
  2. Set the Thermostat: You don’t just want heat; you want heat at your desired temperature, correct? The best way to achieve this is by setting the thermostat so the heat from the furnace is set at the right temperature so your entire family remains comfortable. If your current thermostat isn’t working, we suggest you upgrade to a programmable thermostat that will give you better control over the climate in your home.
  3. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Did you know that homes with working smoke detection are 51% less likely to experience deaths via residential fire, according to the Red Cross? If not, then you need to determine the status of your smoke and carbon monoxide detection immediately by testing them to ensure you are alerted immediately in the event that your heating system is not emitting smoke or carbon monoxide.
  4. Check Pilot Lights: A pilot light should always be blue. This will indicate a steady balance of gasses within the furnace and let you know that your system isn’t increasing your =carbon footprint. However, a yellow pilot light is automatic means for concern, as it indicates carbon monoxide in your home and will require HVAC service from a professional who can remedy the situation.
  5. Seal Air Leaks with Heat Tape: The heat from your furnace will rise up, which explains why heat loss most often occurs in the attic. You should inspect your attic and crawl spaces before the season begins and then seal up any leaks with heat tape so are not losing any heat that would otherwise go toward keeping your family comfortable.
  6. Change Air Filters: The air filters on your furnace should be changed monthly. If you expect to receive better air flow from your furnace, this is an essential step, as filters will otherwise become blocked by excess levels of dirt and debris.
  7. Sign Up for Fuel Delivery: You may run into a situation during the fall and winter where your furnace doesn’t have enough fuel to continue operating. The best move to make is signing up for automatic delivery of oil or gasoline from a trusted heating company, as you can then can take comfort in knowing fuel will be on its way soon. Consistent fuel means more heat for the whole family.
  8. Call Outstanding for a Furnace Tune-Up: At Outstanding, we offer amazing HVAC service, and our furnace tune-up is no exception. You should call for a tune-up annually to ensure any lingering issues within the system are fixed before they cost you some long-term money on bills. Our team will be sure to make durable, long-lasting repairs that will change your furnace for the better.

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