Common Warning Signs You Need Bathroom Fixture Replacement in St. James, NY

Replacing a leaky commode or updating the sink or tub can do more than increase the visual appeal of your bathroom. Bathroom fixture replacement in St. James, NY can add value to your home while it increases the functionality and usability of your bathrooms. Check out these three signs it might be time to replace the fixtures in your bathroom.

  1. Rocking: If your commode rocks or moves at all when it’s in use, it’s time to replace it. A toilet that shifts on its base is a matter you should attend to immediately. Aside from the hazard of tipping over, it’s sure to be wasting water and driving your water bill up. You’ll also want to consider replacing the commode if it’s leaking, cracked or gurgling. Ask us about sturdy, water saving, efficient new toilets that will meet your needs.
  2. Knocking: If you turn on the water in your tub or shower and hear the pipes clattering and knocking as water makes it way to you, you’re probably in need of new pipes, fittings and fixtures to bring your plumbing up to date. Except for the lull of running water, your shower should not make noise.
  3. Tinkling: If your sink is leaking or dripping, or if the water trickles from the drain very slowly, you probably need to repair or replace it. In addition to better functionality you can choose from a variety of new shapes and styles of bathroom sinks. It’s a small change of fixture that makes a huge aesthetic impact.

Are you ready to update or replace the fixtures in your bathroom? Call Outstanding today for bathroom fixture replacement in St. James, NY. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose new fixtures that are right for your home, meet the needs of your family and can withstand daily wear and tear.

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