Category: Oil to Gas Conversion

Saving Money on Heating Costs

Utility bills aren’t getting any cheaper and with record cold temperatures being predicted for this winter, there has to be a way to stay warm this winter without burning through money. Use the sun for free heat. The sun is hot, very hot. Even if the weather is cold, sunlight through glass can warm up… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in Kings Park: Why Should You Get a Consultation from Us?

With an oil to gas conversion in Kings Park, you can improve energy-efficiency for all of your heating systems and save tons of money you’d otherwise be spending on monthly utility bills. Heating systems running on oil tend to be less energy efficient and certainly not as environmentally-friendly, which is sending a growing of homeowners… Read more »

Why Should You Seek Oil to Gas Conversion in East Hills?

East Hills, of Nassau County, recently got some interesting news: they’ll be working with the National Grid to install 14 miles of gas pipelines to improve gas heating access to residents. It’s the biggest oil to gas conversion in East Hills in recent years, and residents in the Long Island village will experience greater all-round… Read more »

How Can You Determine if Oil to Gas Conversion in Long Island Right for You?

We’re headed for another tough NY winter – is your Long Island home ready for when the temperatures drop? More and more homeowners are switching to gas heat systems and saving hundreds on their heating bills every winter season – not to mention the fact that they’re staying cozier than ever before. At the Outstanding,… Read more »

Why Should You Consider Oil to Gas Conversion in Smithtown?

We’re in the midst of significant seasonal changes, but the weather and the color of leaves don’t have to be the only things that change. If you’re looking for a change that will provide you with more effective heating in your home, then you should consider oil to gas conversion in Smithtown. While appliances like… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in St. James Can Save You Money!

If you’re losing money due to high utility bills, the answer to your problems may be found in oil to gas conversation in St. James! There are plenty of homes across St. James still using oil to heat their homes during the colder months. This only proves to be less cost-efficient, bringing frustration and headaches… Read more »

It’s Never too Late for Oil to Gas Conversion in Stonybrook

It’s no secret that oil is an expensive commodity these days. Even when oil prices lower, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay low. Since oil prices fluctuate so often, it can be very difficult to budget expenses. Heating a home using oil during the wintertime can be very difficult and expensive. That’s why many homeowners… Read more »

Outstanding Advice: Why Are Some Generator Installations So Much Cheaper?

Rob Cartelli here, owner of the Outstanding Plumber! I’ve got some information that I know homeowners in Suffolk County need to hear, so listen in: this is about a bad practice that some untrustworthy service professionals are pulling that I want you to be on the look-out for! Sometimes cheaper service isn’t always the best… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion Rebates in Long Island

It’s no secret that there’s a rising demand in America for heating systems that are more energy efficient. From economic, environmental, and even political viewpoints, it’s clear to everyone involved that making a nationwide switch from oil to natural gas is the best choice for our country moving forward. The federal government is continuing to… Read more »

Alternative Sources of Energy Efficient Heating in Suffolk County

After researching the costs and benefits in switching from oil to gas, you are probably wondering: what other types of fuel can I choose from? In a free market, there will always be multiple competitive resources to heat your home with. While many forms of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) are available for a power… Read more »

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