7 Drain Cleaning Tips For This Fall

Drain cleaning should atop your to-do list this fall if you want to avoid high costs on plumbing bills, frequent clogging fixtures, and extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures. After all, even just one clog in the sink or toilet of your home can interrupt your daily life. You cannot just put off fixing that drain clog until a later date or else your entire plumbing system may take a turn for the worst. You may face setbacks like poor fixture efficiency and a general lack of sanitation that will make your home an unpleasant place to live. Worse, essential plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers will be unable to work to the best of their abilities, making your home downright unlivable in the process. If you want to avoid all of these troubles this fall, you need to take a proactive approach to fixing drain clogs. Your fall should be free of plumbing problems, so don’t hesitate to eliminate any clogs before they actively ruin your fun this season.

How Can Outstanding Help You?

At Outstanding, you can expect highly-efficient drain cleaning service that will fix clogs in a hurry, because we have a team of plumbers that will make it happen. When you rely on essential plumbing fixtures so much on a daily basis, you cannot risk a moment longer in getting service guaranteeing those drain problems are eliminated for good. Even just making a quick phone call to Outstanding can greatly reduce spending on your bills and on emergency plumbing services, lower the risk of unsanitary consequences like overflowing toilets, and improve the performance of your fixtures. This fall should be all about having fun and if you want it uninterrupted by plumbing problems, you should take the initiative to make a phone call our way to ensure drain clogs are the least of your worries.

7 Easy Tips for Drain Cleaning

Sure, maybe you are not a licensed plumber, but you can still roll up your sleeves and do some of your own work. Sometimes all it takes is a small investment of time and effort to ensure your plumbing system remains issue-free throughout the season. Please follow these 7 easy tips for drain cleaning that you can follow this season:

  1. Keep Grease and Oil Far Away: Planning to cook some hearty meals this season using cooking grease or oil? Not a problem. Just remember to avoid throwing any excess grease or oil down the drains at all costs. Grease and oil will eventually build up within the drainage pipes and harden, making passage through the drainage pipe impossible. Just make sure you store it in a container before throwing it in the garbage.
  2. Consider Installing Strainers: Kitchen and shower drains are constantly dealing with soap, hair, food particles, and who knows what else that will easily make them clog. Since plunging all the time would be tiresome, you should instead invest in strainers for your drains which will work to keep any prime clogging material out. The only work you will need to do is cleaning them out periodically.
  3. Do Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners: Though chemical drain cleaners may look nice, they can actually wind up damaging drainage pipes and eat away at the material. This will leave you calling and spending money on pipe repair. Chemical drain cleaners are also hazardous, especially if they are exposed to your skin or eyes. Stick with more organic solutions instead.
  4. Always Keep a Plunger Handy: Every home needs a plunger for any minor, last-minute clog. Before plunging a sink or toilet, the area needs to be filled with some water so the plunger can have enough suction. Cup the plunger over the drain and plunge repeatedly until the water levels go down, which will let you know the clog has been removed.
  5. Use a Drain Snake: A drain snake works for areas of your drainage system the plunger cannot reach. The tool is snake-like in form, allowing it to fit in tiny spaces and scoop out harder-to-reach materials. Please remember, however, to use the snake carefully or else you risk poking holes in the drainage pipe.
  6. Bent Wire Hangers: If you have a spare wire hanger you’re not using to hang up coats this season, a bent wire hanger will be an effective tool in eliminating smaller materials that would cause clogs. However, similarly to a drain snake, use it carefully to avoid damaging the drainage pipe itself.
  7. Call Outstanding for Annual Drain Maintenance: You should always make it a point each year to call Outstanding for annual drain maintenance. We have a licensed plumber on hand who will know how to carefully inspect drains and provide a wide variety of solutions toward fixing the problem. By having us visit your home, you are guaranteeing better plumbing for the next 12 months.

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