Is your drinking water contaminated?


Long Island’s drinking water comes from the ground, which would normally make it some of the purest sources of water available; but generations of living, working, and playing on the Island have endangered the water quality.

While our tap water is tested and purified, they don’t test for every contaminant and new ones are discovered every year—many of which are unregulated, but nevertheless harmful.

Many Long Islanders are choosing to take action and add an extra line of defense against contaminated water.  Many home filtration systems hold themselves to a higher standard than the water authority.

While better than nothing, not all water filtration technologies are as effective as others. For example, a water softener uses an ion exchange to reduce calcium and magnesium levels but doesn’t remove most other contaminants. Mechanical filters remove cysts and other sediments but cannot remove chemical contaminants and are often used with other technologies. Carbon filter systems can range in effectiveness; the best ones remove chlorine, as well as a wide range of contaminants like lead, mercury, and asbestos.

Here are some of the ways you can filter the water in your home:

Bottles—Bottled water is one way to keep fresh, uncontaminated drinking water in your home, however it is costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Pitchers—One of the simplest and most common water filtration methods; using gravity to move water through a filter. These are convenient and require no setup, but you’ll constantly have to refill your pitcher as you drink or use your water.

Under-sink—Most under-sink models filter the water in a secondary, smaller faucet within the kitchen sink rather than the main faucet. This is much more convenient than a pitcher and can easily be installed.

If you are considering a home filtration system, the plumbing experts at Outstanding Plumbing can help you and your family enjoy better quality water throughout your home. Call the office today to learn more!

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