Furnace Replacement in Kings Park

Here at Outstanding, our heating specialists wanted to take you behind the scenes of what a furnace replacement looks like in a Kings Park home. We took these picture of an old furnace being swapped out with a new-and-improved model to give you a sense of what the process entails. We hope it makes you think of your own heating system and whether or not you need furnace services today!

This is what the job looked like when our technicians arrived. See all of that dust and excess soot around the perimeter of the furnace? That’s a sign that the gas isn’t burning properly. Also notice the buckets: the Kings Park homeowner put those there because the machine was leaking, which is a sign you have a busted water storage tank that could seriously pose a problem! With old age, this furnace had started to lose efficiency. By the time the homeowner called for our furnace replacement procedure, it was hardly generating any effective heat at all.

Our furnace replacement experts removed the old furnace and put a new on in it’s place. See how the old furnace needed to be removed from the wall? This is why estimates for furnace replacement differ from home to home. Depending on the size of the furnace and the space available, it can be more or less labor-intensive to guide the new furnace into place. Luckily, the newer, more energy efficient machine was significantly smaller in this instance, so we didn’t have too much difficulty!

Success! The new machine is all wired-up and ready to go! We put in new ventilation to accommodate the new dimensions of the furnace replacement. Doesn’t that look so much better? That’s the sort of work Outstanding technicians are proud to do! Here’s a video of our company owner, Rob Cartelli, reviewing the entire process:

Does your home’s furnace need replacement? Or does it need a furnace maintenance tune-up? Or a repair? For any and all of these services, call the Outstanding Plumber today!

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