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Did you read our 13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer this Winter? If you did and you’re already following those tips, you may be wondering about what else you can do to improve your home’s heating. There are plenty of simple upgrades to your home’s heating and insulation that a heating service professional can perform to give you immediate results and savings!

Our Heating Service Experts Want to Help Keep Your Home Warm!

What can an Outstanding heating service professional do to improve your home’s heating? Here are three installations and upgrades that our experts specialize in that will have the following benefits:

  • Better Heating Efficiency (Which Means an All-Around Warmer Home)
  • Money Savings on Your Energy Bills Every Month
  • Peace of Mind, Knowing Your Heating System will Last the Winter

So what are you waiting for? We’re the most trusted plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning professionals in Huntington, and we want to help you get better heating today.

Outstanding Heating Professionals Can:

  1. Install an Energy Saving Programmable Thermostat in Your Home

Modern technology allows homeowners to control their home’s heating at all times — even while they aren’t home! A programmable thermostat will allow you to control the level of heat your furnace or boiler produces on an automated schedule. That means you can have a comfortable home in the morning when you wake up, save money on your heating while you’re at work, and then come home to a well-heated home once again! If your thermostat doesn’t allow this sort of programming, then you’re wasting money every month. Call Outstanding for a programmable thermostat now.

  1. Perform a Furnace Tune-Up

Did you know that furnace manufacturers suggest you get a furnace tune-up every year? In the same way that your car needs its scheduled maintenance to run properly, your furnace needs maintenance from a professional in order to run efficiently.

Over time, your furnace starts to collect dust, rust, and other contaminants that effect the way fuel is burned. If combustion in your furnace is contaminated or incomplete, the result could be that you pay too much for insufficient heat — or worse, your family’s health could be threatened by a potential carbon monoxide risk! Old furnaces tend to produce more combustion byproduct gasses than newer, more efficient models. Recently, the Outstanding Plumber was called on as a CO expert by CBS news: check our Rob Cartelli’s input in the news story below:

Protect yourself from carbon monoxide by getting your furnace (or boiler) tuned up today.

  1. Install a New Heating System

Furnaces, boilers, you name it — we’re the experts! Call us if you experience heating system failure, and our 24/7 call service will help you schedule a furnace or boiler replacement right away.

Winter is still in full swing, and it’s not too late to start being smarter about your heating. Call Outstanding, your local heating service experts, and ask for a consultation or maintenance today.

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