Main Line Clog Repair in St. James

Ever wondered what a main line clog really looks like? It ain’t pretty. But fortunately, the Outstanding professionals at the Outstanding Plumber can get them cleared away for you in no time! We offer same-day service and up-front pricing for emergencies so that you can:

  1. Get fast, reliable drain service when you need it
  2. Know exactly how much you need to pay!

That’s why homeowners in Suffolk and Nassau counties trust us with all of their home comfort needs.

Recently, our plumbers answered a call out in St. James to deal with a nasty main drain clog for a homeowner. This stoppage was causing serious problems with the sewer line, including all sorts of fixture malfunctions and bad odors in the home. Your main line is the sewer pipe that carries the waste-water away from your actual home — it deposits all of the waste from your shower, sink, toilet, and other drains in the public sewer system. The “trap” is the device that keeps debris from getting in and causing clogs, but when the trap is broken all sorts of bad stuff tends to happen! Check it out:

You might think, “All of that gunk can’t be in my home!” But if you’ve been experiencing any of the following issues, you could have a main line issue yourself:

  • Toilets that Back Up
  • Drains the Gurgle and Leave Standing Water
  • Bad Odors in Kitchen or Bathroom

This issue was causing our St. James homeowner all sorts of grief before an Outstanding service expert arrived on the scene! Are your drains acting up? Then call the Outstanding Plumber today for the solution!

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