On Your Mark…Get Set…Stay Cool

Although it seems reluctant to return, spring is inevitably here. And with the approach of warmer weather, it’s almost that time…the moment we’ve been waiting for…drumroll please…CLICK! Finally the time when we can flip the thermostat switch from HEAT to AC! It’s a celebratory moment, one that calls for rejoicing.

But alas…say it isn’t so. Nothing happens.

Don’t ruin the moment. These are the little incidents that could incite a family riot, cause undue mental anguish, and in this case even physical distress.

Time For Service

Make sure your air conditioner is fully functional and working optimally. Did you know that manufacturers recommend that every cooling system receive an annual tune-up? Regular maintenance will allow for lower energy bills, improve your indoor air quality, and optimize the performance of your cooling system. There are problems you may not be aware of that can cause a decline in your AC’s performance including refrigerant leaks, handler failure, compressor breaks, dirty filters, and blocked compressor coils. Let the expert technicians at Outstanding Plumbing come by and determine whether or not your system needs some TLC. They offer regular system maintenance plans or diagnostic visits by appointment.

AC Unit Expired?

Another reality that most homeowners are not aware of is that air conditioning systems have an expiration date – they do not last forever. Schedule a visit this spring so we can inspect your unit and assess its life expectancy. You may be surprised to find out it has a few good years left under its belt. Or we may discover that it has succumbed to natural, or unnatural causes. In that case we can install a new, high efficiency model in time for summer. We’ll review low-cost, effective cooling solutions and make sure it’s the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

And keep in mind…if that mid-summer mishap were to happen, don’t get caught in a sweat. We offer Emergency AC Service, 24/7.  Our technicians are on call all day, every day.

Some additional reasons to rely on Outstanding Plumbing:

  1. Licensed, secure, and experienced technicians
  2. Reliable appointments and fully stocked trucks
  3. State-of-the-art cooling parts & service
  4. 100% guarantee on AC Sales & Installation

We’ve been in business a long time, keeping Long Island homeowners cool and free from stress. We also help them save money by insuring they are utilizing the most cost-efficient strategy for their home.

Call us today for a consultation. It may mean the difference in a summer of uninterrupted comfort.

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