4 Fixtures To Check During A Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection will save you from spending money on high costs on utility bills and extend the lifespan of your fixtures. After all, living in your home with faulty plumbing fixtures is not a fun way to spend the fall or really any time of the year. When you are so reliant on your plumbing fixtures and appliances on a daily basis, you cannot risk issues like toilet overflows, malfunctioning water heaters , or the horrors of leaky pipes. Allowing even the small plumbing problems in your home go untreated may see you lose a significant amount of money and bring you plenty of stress you don’t need. The cost of pipe leaks alone can cost you some serious money on water bills, especially when it leads to thousands of gallons of water lost per year. Worse, when you don’t have a working water heater, it may result in you being unable to live in your home conveniently. You need hot water several times a day for all sorts of purposes, especially for showering, washing the dishes, and even cooking yourself a warm meal. But without it, how else can you expect to function in your home? Even if you think taking a quick glance at your plumbing system won’t reveal anything, it can mean a huge difference in how quickly you’re able to call a professional service for repair.

Calling Outstanding for High-Quality Service

You should make Outstanding your number-one plumbing service this fall if you want to ensure you enjoy the season without worrying over things like leaks and clogs. This is especially important for any new homeowners who are unfamiliar with their plumbing fixtures, which may have several issues forming on the horizon. By giving your plumbing system a closer look, our dedicated team of plumbers will be to make any necessary repair, replacement, or maintenance to keep it running smoothly. With our help, you will save money on utility bills and maintain gallons of water that would been otherwise lost due to leaks. Above all else, our work guarantees you relax so much more in your home, knowing you have a reliable, convenient plumbing system.

What Should You Look For During Your Plumbing Inspection?

In addition to help from the plumbers at Outstanding, you should also take the initiative to perform an inspection of your own. You may just stumble upon something serious that will require professional attention. When you are inspecting your plumbing system, please inspect these 4 plumbing fixtures immediately:

  1. Toilets: A toilet prone to overflows can lead to some totally unsanitary results that can be avoided with a plumbing inspection. Be on the lookout for any water leaking from your toilet, which can soften or discolor the surrounding area. If not treated soon, this may lead you to spending plenty of cash on water damage restoration. Toilets today can last a long time but if yours is showing significant damage, it may be time to consider a toilet replacement. After thousands upon thousands of flushes, your toilet will not be able to work nearly as well. Replacing it can save you thousands of dollars on water bills and ensure you are far less likely to experience a gross overflow for a long time.
  2. Water Heaters: The average cost of a water heater today usually hovers around $889, and water heating will cover 18% of your energy costs. With so much at stake in terms of cost, you cannot afford to allow your water heater to malfunction. You need to make sure it is working to provide hot water for all purposes. Not only will a faulty water heater cost you serious money on leaks, you will also pay more water damage restoration due to wet flooring. You should instead call for water heater maintenance from one of our plumbers to ensure you avoid any trouble for at least the next 12 months.
  3. Pipes: Not thinking of your pipes? Well, you should. This may be easier said than done, however. Since pipes are located underground, they may be experiencing serious problems right now and you may not know. If you live in an older home, your pipes may be made from outdated materials like clay, cast-iron, or polybutylene which have been proven defective and can break apart easily. Problems with piping may pop up in ways you didn’t expect like low water pressure for fixtures and inexplicably high costs on water bills.
  4. Main Sewer: To ensure your sewer line is working, please call a plumber for inspection. After all, problems with your sewer line can be messy, especially when it pops up around your home as wet spots on your landscape. A plumber will provide a sewer camera inspection to spot any problems within the line, including any blockage or internal damage. From there, repairs can be quickly made. Remember: once your sewer system malfunctions, it takes your entire plumbing system along with it.

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