Smithtown Water Heater Replacement: Know the Signs!

Water heater failure can be a disaster for homeowners. Perhaps it’s happened to you: you wake up in the morning, hoping to start the day right with a nice warm shower, only to discover the water is ice cold! Maybe you’ve come home from a vacation to find that your water heater sprung a leak while you were gone, flooding your entire basement! Having a broken water heater can really ruin your day.

Let’s talk about why water heaters fail and how you can avoid ever experiencing this problem with a well-timed Smithtown water heater replacement! The plumbers at Outstanding want to show you how you can tell when your water heater needs a replacement before it actually breaks down!

All you need to do is know the signs.

5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement in Smithtown

What can you do to avoid sudden water heater failure? Regular maintenance can go a long way, and the professionals at Outstanding can help — but eventually, any water heater will break down. The best strategy is to be prepared and get a water heater replacement before it’s an emergency.

Once you start to see the following signs, it’s time to request a quote on water heater replacement from the professionals at Outstanding:

  • Rusty Water– If your hot water is sitting inside of a rusted tank, it might appear discolored when you actually need to use it. Brown or cloudy hot water is a sign that your tank is up there in years and needs a replacement soon.
  • Loud Noises- Over time, sediment inside of your water heater builds up and creates large deposits at the bottom of the tank. During operation, these deposits shift around, causing rumbling sounds — and eventually, water tank failure.
  • Bad Odors- To prevent rust, conventional water heaters have what is called an “anode rod.” This piece ionizes before the rest of the tank, causing all of the rust to occur on the rod rather than the appliance. However, over time these rods start to disintegrate and can create a musty, mildew smell, which means your water heater is on its last legs.
  • +10 Years Old- The average lifespan of a water heater is about 10 years. How old is your water heater? Check the serial number: this has a code representing the month and year they were manufactured. For example, let’s say the serial number C061458763. C is the third letter in the alphabet, so it represents the third month – March. The next two digits, 06, represents the year. This water heater was built March of 2006. It’s almost time to replace!
  • Water Leaks– Look for puddles or water dripping from your water heater. Any leak, no matter how small, means your water heater is nearing the end!

Don’t wait for cold showers and basement flooding — water heater replacement doesn’t have to be an emergency! Call Outstanding for water heater replacement in Smithtown and receive same day service with an upfront quote — schedule yours today!

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