How to Stay Warm Before Heating Service

Heating service should be atop your to-do list this winter if you expect to live comfortably in your home. This is especially true if you experience a sudden heating system breakdown during one of the coldest nights of the year. If you have ever experienced a heating system breakdown in the midst of winter, you know how miserably cold it can get in your house in a short period of time. Like any responsible homeowner, you will know to call for heating repair immediately. However, as you wait for a professional to arrive, you shouldn’t just do nothing. You want to preserve as much heating as possible. Even if it only takes a heating contractor a few minutes to show up to your home, there is no telling how much heat you’ll lose. If you find yourself in a situation where your home is directly exposed to the cold air, it may lead to other non-heating problems as well, like frozen pipes. Not taking action here may make things even worse, especially pipes burst. If you are experiencing air leaks, you may also be losing plenty of heat that otherwise could’ve gone to keeping your family warm. Even if a professional will be able to fix any problem, you need to know that there are several things you can do in the meantime that will ensure you stay warm, even when your heating system isn’t working.

Calling Outstanding for High-Quality Service

If you want excellent heating service, make Outstanding your first choice this winter. We’re the most dependable service company in the area and will be able to provide assistance even during the roughest winter weather. Our heating contractors know exactly what it takes to provide fast, effective repairs that will ensure you won’t have to make another call for heating service for a long time to come. And don’t think there’s a heating problem they won’t be able to handle, either. With years of experience in the field, there is no repair our team won’t be able to make. They also offer unrivaled customer service that makes your heating needs the top priority. Thanks to our service, you will be able to eliminate the stress that comes along with having no heat and see your heating system enjoy an extended lifespan. You will also enjoy greater long-term savings on repair bills. But perhaps best of all, you will have heat going to the rooms of your home in need of it the most and ensure your family continues to live comfortably during the worst winter weather.

How Can You Stay Warm?

The next time you are waiting for a professional to arrive, please take note of these tips so you will be able stay warm before your heating problems are fixed once and for all:

  1. Close All Doors and Windows: Leaving a door or window unlocked may prove a big source of heating loss. You need to make sure every door and window is tightly shut to prevent any cold air from seeping into your home. You also inspect them for any cracks that would allow heat to leak out and seal any openings immediately.
  2. Insulate Windows: And speaking of sealing window cracks, insulating your windows will be one of the best ways to keep warm air in your home. The best type of insulation is builder’s plastic, which will successfully prevent the cold air from seeping into your home in so much. The warm air in your home will not be able to escape so easily.
  3. Keep Candles Handy: Candles can provide light and heat in the even you lose power entirely. Though they only provide a small flame, they will allow you to warm up your hands and bring so much more warmth to a room in your home.
  4. Use Your Fireplace: A fireplace will provide a larger flame that can heat up an entire room. During the winter, sometimes nothing is more relaxing than sitting by an open fire, and it will come in handy when your heating system fails. Even if it can’t heat your entire home, it doesn’t hurt to start it up and wait by the fire until a professional arrives. This will help you avoid the worst of the winter weather.
  5. Wear Layers of Clothing: Wearing something like a light sweat jacket won’t be enough when you’re dealing with a heating system breakdown. You need to wear layers so you stay shielded from the cold. By dressing in layers you not only have more clothing to keep you warm, but layers also trap heat and hold it against your body. That will reduce the chances of you getting too cold, and you may even avoid illness.

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