Water Heater Replacement in Smithtown

How old is your water heater? The answer to this question may be more important than you think. If your water heater is on its last legs, it could spring a leak at any moment and flood your basement. Right now, in this blog, the experts at the Outstanding Plumber want you to consider getting a water heater replacement. Why? Because having an old water heater in your Smithtown home is a serious and unnecessary risk.

Water heater tank leaks are a common issue for homeowners in Smithtown. If you catch the problem quickly, you can just turn off the main water valve and be fine. But how many people are looking at their water heaters all day long? In a typical day, do you even see your water heater? Probably not. If a leak goes unnoticed for long enough, the water heater will continue to try refilling the storage tank until your entire basement is flooded. You’ll notice that your water isn’t heating and come down to an indoor swimming pool!

Don’t let your water heater give out. Know the warning signs! If any of the following apply to your own water heater, it could be time to get a replacement:

Luke-Warm Water:

    • If you turn on the hot water and only get lukewarm


    • The lifespan of a conventional water heater is about 8 to 12 years. If your water heater is around that age, or if you don’t know, then it’s time to have it checked. Water heaters that are not maintained by a professional tend to give out earlier — five years without maintenance is at risk of springing a leak.

Foul Odors:

    • Water heaters contain a rod, generally made of magnesium, that is designed to decompose at a faster rate than the rest of the tank. When that rod reaches a certain stage of decomposition, it creates a nasty smell. That’s the first warning sign!

Rust & Corrosion:

    • Check your device for rust and signs of decay.

Higher Utility Bills:

    Do you feel like you’re paying too much on your energy bills? Old water heaters tend to be far less efficient, and they typically produce

Luckily, if you call the Outstanding Plumber for water heater service today, you can get a 40g water heater replacement for $899, an upfront price that includes installation and the product cost. So why risk disaster? Call the Outstanding Plumber for water heater replacement today!

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