Air Conditioning Maintenance – How to Prepare Your A/C for the Summer

We made this video to help homeowners prepare for the the coming summer with proper air conditioning maintenance. A/C maintenance is simple when you know how it’s done! The experts at Outstanding can help you be prepared.

Follow the three simple tips in this video to get more out of your air conditioning this year. Watch the video or read the summary transcript below, and call Outstanding if you have any questions or need to request HVAC service.

In order to get your air conditioning ready to operate at peak efficiency all summer long and extend the lifespan of your machine, follow these three simple steps of air conditioning maintenance:

  1. Replace Your Furnace Filter
  2. Switch Your Thermostat to “Cool” (NOTE: It helps to have a programmable thermostat. Modern thermostats allow you to adjust the timing cycles so that you only use energy when you need it.)
  3. Get Annual Professional Inspection

The experts at Outstanding can help you maintain your air conditioner with the expert recommended once-a-year maintenance. Call to have your AC inspected and service before the summer!

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