Category: Plumbing

Smithtown Plumber: When It’s Time to Call a Service Professional

When Permits Are Needed, Call in the Pros Many plumbing projects are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, especially with all of the tutorials and guides online. There are times, however, when calling a professional plumber is the best option. Even some seemingly easy projects are best handled by a pro. Save yourself some time and trouble… Read more »

How To Detect a Gas Leak in Smithtown

A gas leak in or around the home can be quite dangerous. Therefore, natural gas safety is something everyone should know about. To help ensure that you can feel safe enjoying the convenience of natural gas, acquaint yourself with the signs of a gas leak. Signs of A Gas Leak To detect any possible gas… Read more »

Safety Awareness in Smithtown

Outstanding Tips and Home Safety Information By observing a few simple emergency shut-off procedures, you can help protect you and your family during a natural disaster. When Mother Nature comes calling with anything other than sweet sunshine and balmy temperatures, you have cause for concern. Especially when “she” decides to send extreme situations like an… Read more »

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