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Kitchen Plumbing Nightmares: Broken Garbage Disposals in Smithtown

Your kitchen is your sanctuary. This is where you cook, eat, and converse with the people you care about most. That’s why this area in your home, above all others, deserves the best care! Nothing is more upsetting than a plumbing crisis in your kitchen. The experts at Outstanding Plumbing understand! In a plumbing emergency,… Read more »

Outstanding: Your #1 Plumber in Stonybrook

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. Your home also protects and ensures the comfort of one of the most important aspects of your life: your family. So when an emergency plumbing problem comes up unexpectedly to disrupt you and your family’s peace, you need to be ready…. Read more »

How to Find a Great Plumber in Long Island

Responsible homeowners looking for a plumber in Long Island are advised to do some research before entrusting their plumbing systems to just anyone. The reason to be cautious is because for most of us, our home is the biggest and most important investment we’ll make in our life, and keeping the plumbing in good working… Read more »

Emergency Pipe Repair — How to Shut Off Your Main Valve

So you have a burst pipe and need Emergency Pipe Repair, and you need to turn off your water valve to stop the damage. Where is the water valve, and how do you close it? This instructional video should help you in the even that you have a broken pipe. Watch the video or read… Read more »

Water Heater Replacement in Smithtown

How old is your water heater? The answer to this question may be more important than you think. If your water heater is on its last legs, it could spring a leak at any moment and flood your basement. Right now, in this blog, the experts at the Outstanding Plumber want you to consider getting… Read more »

Water Filtration in Smithtown

Sick of feeling like you are drinking or showering with water that’s just not clean? Well, that can all come to an end with a water filtration system. If that alone doesn’t convince you to install one of these systems in your home, maybe these ten other benefits will. Water Filtration Benefits in Smithtown Clean,… Read more »

Mold Prevention Tips in Smithtown

2012’s Hurricane Isaac in all its guises dropped a lot of rain on residents of the Gulf Coast leaving behind a soggy mess. The next threat for affected homeowners is mold, which can ruin home furnishings and pose problems for residents with allergies, asthma, and compromised immune systems. To keep it in check, homeowners should… Read more »

Water Heater Repair in Smithtown

A water heater needs air to work properly and efficiently. So, venting a water heater properly is very important. In order to vent a water heater correctly it is crucial to understand what types of venting are available for each type of water heater. Take a look at an overview of standard gas water heaters… Read more »

Main Line Clog Repair in St. James

Ever wondered what a main line clog really looks like? It ain’t pretty. But fortunately, the Outstanding professionals at the Outstanding Plumber can get them cleared away for you in no time! We offer same-day service and up-front pricing for emergencies so that you can: Get fast, reliable drain service when you need it Know… Read more »

Water Filtration in Smithtown- Long Island Water Quality Problem, Continued

If you’re in Suffolk County, you need to be thinking about your water quality. News 12 has already done a week’s worth of installments on the serious issue of contaminants in the Long Island water supply: the issue is a very real health hazard, and Smithtown homeowners need to find ways to protect themselves. Many… Read more »

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