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Sump Pumps During Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season again and because we live on an island, most of us live under the threat of basement floods. Every basement should have either one of two water evacuation systems in place from original construction. A sump pump may be a good way to get water out of your home.  While nothing takes… Read more »

Don’t Wait for Sump Pump Repair in St. James, NY This Spring!

Have you noticed moisture on your basement walls? Condensation or a cool, clammy basement are sure signs of a need for sump pump repair. Flooding is the bane of existence for many homeowners and often the culprit is a malfunctioning sump pump. Catch a repair need early and save a ton of time and money… Read more »

3 Reasons to Consider Sump Pump Installation in Smithtown, NY

Those April showers are on their way and while that means greener grass on your lawn, it may also result in flooding in your basement. You need to consider sump pump installation in Smithtown, NY before your basement becomes submerged in flood waters and personal belongings are damaged. Flooding can result in significant water damage… Read more »

Ask a Plumber in Smithtown: Why Should You Consider Sump Pump Repair?

Any plumber in Smithtown can tell you about the importance of a sump pump, but how many stress the importance of getting it fixed? The summer is coming to an end, and the rainy season is ahead of us, which increases the risk of basement flooding. Basement flooding can bring some serious water damage to… Read more »

Sump Pump Installation in Smithtown

Whether it’s to drain melt water after a harsh winter with lots of snow, or keep the basement dry in an older home with an inadequate waterproofing system, it’s important for Smithtown residents to know about sump pump installation. A sump pump protects your home from the excessive buildup of moisture by collecting water, and… Read more »

Sump Pump Maintenance – How to Test Your Sump Pump at Home

Your sump pump removes water from your home should it come in during a heavy storm. Just a little water in your basement can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage! Make sure that your sump pump is in working order this year with some tips from the Outstanding Plumber. Here’s how to test your… Read more »

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