Sump Pump Installation in Smithtown

Whether it’s to drain melt water after a harsh winter with lots of snow, or keep the basement dry in an older home with an inadequate waterproofing system, it’s important for Smithtown residents to know about sump pump installation. A sump pump protects your home from the excessive buildup of moisture by collecting water, and then pumping it out to an outdoor drain system where it can run off into the ground. This can be especially useful if you live in an area that get lots of precipitation (i.e. snow, rain or sleet), or if your basement captures a lot of moisture due to the natural surroundings and a lack of adequate ventilation.

The two types of sump pumps:

  • Pedestal
  • Submersible.

Both are installed in what’s referred to as the “sump hole”, at the lowest point in your basement where water collects. Each type of pump features weep holes that allow the water to enter, as well as a float valve that rises along with the water level and triggers the pump to turn on when a certain level is reached. Then the water’s pumped out of your basement into the wastewater system.


Of the two types of pumps, the pedestal is the least expensive, but also the least effective, since it requires a certain water level before it activates the pump. However, a pedestal sump pump typically lasts longest.


A submersible pump is more expensive to purchase and often costs more to install, since in many basements, a hole needs to be cut through concrete in order to submerge the pump. Nonetheless, a submersible pump offers a very effective way to deal with excess moisture and water in your basement, since it springs into action as soon as the water level rises.

With both types of pumps, it’s crucial that you have a good drainage system that leads water away from the structure and into the wastewater system. That’s why, before beginning any sump pump installation, Smithtown residents are advised to review their homes’ drainage systems to make sure they know where to safely connect new drain pipes.

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