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Why Choose Oil to Gas Conversion

It’s been a very cold 2018 so far and the cost of oil is making heating your home more and more expensive each year. With more and more Long Island neighborhoods adding gas lines it is now more likely than ever that you qualify for an oil-to-gas heat conversion. Here are just some of the… Read more »

Tankless Water Heaters

It’s a Catch-22 when you love taking hot showers, but HATE high heating bills. Luckily, there is a solution to both! A tankless water heater can save you up to 20% on your home water heating bill and you never have to worry about running out of hot water again! We have all been there,… Read more »

What You Should and Shouldn’t Put In Your Garbage Disposal Unit

A garbage disposal is a great way to reduce household waste and improve your carbon footprint. However, there are limits to what a garbage disposal system can handle; it’s not equipped to process everything you might want to put in it. The following is a list of things you should never put into your disposal… Read more »

Smithtown AC Repair Experts Offer AC Savings Tips For Summer

By living in our own homes in the Smithtown area during the summertime, we know what you and your family are going through when the temperature rises. We want to make sure our families our experiencing a safe, cool and enjoyable environment in our homes as much as possible, just like you. We know the… Read more »

Ask Our Central Air Conditioning Service in St. James, NY: How Can You Save Money on Energy?

So you got a cooling system from our central air conditioning service in St. James, NY—awesome! You’re guaranteeing energy-efficient, longer-lasting cool air in your home for years. But do you know what’s not so awesome? Having to deal with a cooling system that isn’t exactly energy-efficient and, though it may continue to provide you with… Read more »

How Can Our Kitchen Plumbing Repair in East Setauket, NY Help You?

Your kitchen is often the hub of activity in your home. It’s the site of all your early morning lunch-making for work, family dinners around the table, and or even inviting a friend over the house for a chat over cups of coffee. But while your kitchen sees plenty of action on a daily basis,… Read more »

4 Easy Solutions for Drain Cleaning in East Setauket, NY

Drain cleaning in East Setauket, NY is an important step in ensuring your comfort for the spring season. When the weather starts warming up, what do you want on your mind more: drain cleaning or all the fun you could be having outdoors this spring? The answer is hopefully the latter. You need to take… Read more »

How Can Water Filtration in Stony Brook, NY Improve Life in Your Home?

You need clean water to go alongside that crisp, clean spring air, but there are contaminants that can prevent from enjoying the full benefits clean water can provide. Hard water, which contains higher amounts of calcium and magnesium, can seep into your water supply and bring plenty of trouble to your home. Fortunately, if you… Read more »

Why is HVAC Important in Smithtown?

In Smithtown, New York you experience all kinds of drastic environmental changes. Brutally cold winters, humid summers, and maybe even some allergy seasons thrown in here and there. The quality of the air in your home and office need to be kept clean, healthy and comfortable all year round if you hope to maintain a… Read more »

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