Why Choose Oil to Gas Conversion

It’s been a very cold 2018 so far and the cost of oil is making heating your home more and more expensive each year. With more and more Long Island neighborhoods adding gas lines it is now more likely than ever that you qualify for an oil-to-gas heat conversion. Here are just some of the benefits a conversion from oil to gas brings.

Save Money

Oil heat is typically more expensive than natural gas. While the initial cost of switching to a gas furnace has its own cost, the overall savings is worth the cost of the conversion especially with winters as cold as they are.

Heat More Than Just Your Home

Natural gas is not just for your home; you can use it in your kitchen, to light your gas fireplace, dry your clothes, or to heat your swimming pool or your water.

Never Run Out of Fuel

Because natural gas comes from an underground pipeline that means you’ll never run out of gas. Unlike heating oil, which has to be monitored to ensure that your supply does not run low, you are not responsible for checking gas levels at any point. Never put your life on hold for an emergency oil delivery again!

Natural Gas is Safe

Well-maintained natural gas heaters are unlikely to emit carbon monoxide, unlike oil heating systems that can easily create a backup of carbon monoxide.

Less Maintenance

Oil furnaces must be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that your home remains safe and your furnace is in working order. Your natural gas supply does not make a mess, leave ashes, or require frequent maintenance to clean up.

Environmentally Friendly

With natural gas there is no burn and no chemicals are released into the environment. Heating your home with natural gas ensures that you remain as green as possible.

Increase Your Home’s Value

There is nothing more beneficial to a home than the addition of something that will only increase the value of your home. Resale is always a consideration when you make any changes to your home, and adding a natural gas heating system to your home is no exception to this rule. Natural gas heating not only adds value to your home, it will increase the number of potential buyers who want to take a look at your home.

If you are interested in converting your home from oil to natural gas call the experts at Outstanding Plumbing.

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