Emergency Pipe Repair — How to Shut Off Your Main Valve

So you have a burst pipe and need Emergency Pipe Repair, and you need to turn off your water valve to stop the damage. Where is the water valve, and how do you close it? This instructional video should help you in the even that you have a broken pipe. Watch the video or read the transcript below on emergency pipe repair.

There is no standard location for the main water shut-off valve, but there are a few places where it is most likely to be:

  • Directly Above Your Water Meter (More Likely)
  • Outside by the Garden Hose/Exterior Faucet

Find the water line attached to your water meter or beside the valve on the outside of your home and turn it until completely closed.

Make sure everyone in your family knows where the water shut-off valve is in case of an emergency, and call the experts at Outstanding Plumbing to solve all of your pipe repair problems today.

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