Smithtown Plumber: How To Prevent Basement Water Damage

Proper Home Drainage Can Prevent a Wet Basement and Costly Repairs

Has it been raining lately? If so, you may be experiencing some basement flooding… which is never good! When there’s extra moisture or flooding in the basement of your home, it can cause structural damage and harmful mold growth.

You can prevent wet basements by making sure there’s proper drainage around your home. Here are a few ways to ensure that the water is draining away from your house and not into your basement:

Use Gutters and Keep them Clean

If you don’t have gutters or a drainage system in place, you’ve probably noticed that the rainwater coming off of your roof collects around the foundation of the house in small trenches. The ground around your foundation will eventually become saturated if the water has nowhere to go. This can cause cracks and shifts in the foundation, particularly in homes with basement walls made of porous material.

Gutters can help tremendously with directing the water away from your home. You can also reuse the water for a garden or house plants by positioning the gutter spouts to empty into a rain barrel. However, installing a gutter may not always be possible for some homes, and during periods of heavy rain, the gutters might not be enough.

Slope Your Landscape

Every homeowner should make sure that the ground around the house slopes away from the foundation or basement walls. Using clean fill or gravel is one way to build a slope, but you’ll need to make sure it is not a permeable material. Otherwise, it will only absorb the water instead of letting it drain away from the home. Even if you have gutters, taking this extra precaution could prevent a wet basement or potential structural damage. And isn’t it always better to be overprepared, than underprepared?

Sump Pump Installation

Homeowners with particularly wet basements might want to consider installing a sump pump or an underground drainage system. These can be pricey, but well worth the cost if your basement floods consistently due to weather or the location of your home.

Preventing water from collecting around your home can be easy if you know what to do. By investing in a drainage system that works for your home, you are protecting your foundation and helping to prevent major repair costs.

For more information on how to prevent the basement in your home from being overcome with water damage, give the experts at Outstanding Plumbing a call!

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