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Slow Flowing Drains or Backed Up Pipes? Outstanding Plumbing Can Help!

Often times, we find out that customers ignore slow flowing drains until it is too late and the drains become completely blocked. Outstanding Plumbing, Heating, and Drain Cleaning offers solutions for every problem, no matter how big or small.

Services We Offer

  • Video Line Inspection: Video inspection allows us to determine exactly what the problem is in a non-invasive manner. We can locate the problem and determine what it takes to get things running smoothly.
  • Snaking: Many times, simple clogs or blockages can be cleared with either a hand snake or a snaking machine.
  • Hydro Jet: Our hydro jetting machine uses 3,000 PSI of water to blast through the tough clogs and blockages to clear the line all the way out to the street.
  • Pipe Patching: The best part about this repair job? No excavation required! We now offer pipe patching technology that offers an alternative to pipe replacement in certain cases. The patching procedure is a permanent repair that is even stronger than the original pipe without having to excavate any land.
  • Line Replacement: In some instances, it may be unnecessary to replace either a small section or a length of pipe. Outstanding has excavation experts on our team that will get the job done quickly, while respecting your property as if it was our own.

So whether it is a clog, tree roots, a cracked pipe, or anything else, Outstanding is able to find the problem quickly and determine which solution fits your specific need. Call us today!

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