Water Heater Installation in Smithtown, NY

In our last blog, we discussed the signs that you need a water heater replacement. You should look out for the warnings — otherwise a water heater could break and cause a flood in your basement! But apart from avoiding disaster, there are a number of critical reasons for people to invest in a new water heater. There are a number of benefits to water heater installation in Smithtown that our experts here at the Outstanding Plumber want to share with you.

The Benefits of Water Heater Installation

When you call the Outstanding Plumber about our current $899 water heater installation, you can expect the following from your new device:

  • Lower Costs– Installing a new water heater is an investment in superior
  • Better Efficiency– Like most appliances, water heaters tend to lose energy efficiency over time. That means wasted heat and higher utility bills. With a brand new water heater from the Outstanding Plumber, you can expect an efficiency improvement of over 30%.
  • More Advanced– Not only will a newer water heater will have a high efficiency rate, it will also have modern features that prevent disaster. For instance, most recent models have an automatic shut-off valve that will trigger in case of a storage tank leak, so you never need to worry about your basement flooding again.
  • Superior Fitting– Every home is different, which means that every water heater needs to perform a different task. Getting the right fit for your home’s usage can be difficult! If the tank on your water heater is too small for your family’s hot water consumption, you’ll start to have cold showers in the morning if you’re the last person it. If the tank is too large, you’ll be wasting money every month heating water that you don’t use. An Outstanding Plumber can help you find the machine that is just right.

For $899, our experts sell and install 40 gallon water heaters in Smithtown homes. Water heater installation at that cost is a small price to pay for renewed water heater functionality. Call Outstanding today!

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