What does an Energy Saving Thermostat Do?

How does an energy saving thermostat help you raise the efficiency levels of your heating system? First, you need to understand how the technology has advanced in recent years. What has improved, and what are the advantages of buying a newer, more modern thermostat for your home?

Basically, older thermostats had to be manually adjusted. If you still have a thermostat in your home from more than 5 or 10 years ago, you probably need to reset your thermostat on the device itself. When you get home from work, you have to go to the wall that it’s installed on and input the desired temperature itself. There are several disadvantages to this older system:

  1. Your heating doesn’t respond to your family entering or leaving the house, so unless you remember to adjust it accordingly every single time, your home won’t be comfortable.
  2. If you are the first one home, you’ll be coming back to a very cold house because, if you’re conserving energy, you turned off your heat in the morning when you left.
  3. When you go to sleep, you don’t need as much heat because you’ll be under the covers — but if you try to close it down, you’ll wake up to a freezing cold home.

For older thermostats, being smart about energy expenditure become extremely inconvenient. That’s why modern thermostats have been designed with innovative means for automated or long distance programming! Outstanding Plumbing installs these devices because they save homeowners time, money, and energy in the winter time, making the Long Island winter better for everyone involved.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature in your home to be the standard 68 degrees during the day time when you’re home, then have it reset at night when you go to bed. But then, rather than having to wake up in a cold home and program it to 68 again, you can have your thermostat start on its own before your alarm goes off. The same principle works for when the kids come home from school or when you arrive from work. Some programmable thermostats can even be adjusted from your smartphone! They are the infinitely easier choice.

Programmable thermostats are the right choice for homeowners investing in comfort and energy efficiency. Call Outstanding Plumbing to hear about the top-of-the-line energy saving thermostats we install, and start living better in the cold this winter!

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