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Heating System Maintenance in St. James, NY – Outstanding FAQ

Our Outstanding heating experts want you to to stay safe and warm this winter, which is why we’ve organized this FAQ. Follow the expert advice, and you’ll have great home heating for less this holiday season. The Heating System FAQ Q: What should I do if my heating system doesn’t work? A: If your heating… Read more »

Outstanding Heating Tips: How to Keep Money in Your Pocket

As energy prices rise, most homeowners are concerned about keeping heating and cooling costs down. Here are some tips to help keep those energy bills under­ control, starting with the thermostat: Thermostat Energy Saving Tips Protect the thermostat for your heating or cooling system from anything that would cause it to give a false reading…. Read more »

Energy Efficiency in Smithtown

Are you looking to save money this spring? You probably think that with your air conditioner running non-stop it will be nearly impossible. But, Outstanding Plumbing is here to tell you why it’s not. Though the price of electricity has gone up in recent years, especially during the summer months, there are ways for you… Read more »

What does an Energy Saving Thermostat Do?

How does an energy saving thermostat help you raise the efficiency levels of your heating system? First, you need to understand how the technology has advanced in recent years. What has improved, and what are the advantages of buying a newer, more modern thermostat for your home? Basically, older thermostats had to be manually adjusted…. Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in Suffolk County, NY Cont.

Some environmentally conscious people in Smithtown are concerned about their home’s carbon footprint, and here at Outstanding Plumbing we highly respect that. So what is the simple answer: is it more eco-friendly to heat your home with natural gas or with oil? If you take a look at the numbers like we have, you’re likely… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in Suffolk County, NY

New York is among the last places in the U.S. where homeowners still use oil as a fuel source for their heating systems. The simple fact is that oil is an outdated fuel-source that not only operates at far lower efficiency but also produces more carbon emissions — making it the all around less advanced,… Read more »

Oil To Gas Conversion- Smithtown, NY

3 Reasons Why You Should Make the Oil To Gas Switch This Year Homeowners on the East Coast are constantly dealing with the inconveniences and inefficiencies of old homes. Whereas houses out in California were all constructed fairly recently and with the most advanced technologies available, most houses in the Smithtown, New York area are… Read more »

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