Oil To Gas Conversion- Smithtown, NY

3 Reasons Why You Should Make the Oil To Gas Switch This Year

Homeowners on the East Coast are constantly dealing with the inconveniences and inefficiencies of old homes. Whereas houses out in California were all constructed fairly recently and with the most advanced technologies available, most houses in the Smithtown, New York area are heated with outdated conventional systems, namely oil-powered heating. If your home’s heating system uses oil as a fuel source, you’ll almost definitely be overpaying for your utility bill in the winter months. Oil-powered systems are significantly less efficient than systems powered by a natural gas main, as older piping/radiator technology can be corroded, improperly insulated, or simply more prone to losing heat.

But fear not! The reliable service professionals at the Outstanding Plumbing are ready to help. Our experts deliver non-stop 24/7 service, so you can call anytime for up-front estimates and recommendations. We’ve performed countless oil to gas conversions in our many years of providing service to the Smithtown area, and our experience will let you rest easy as our friendly technicians take care of the process with ease and expediency.

What does natural gas heating give you that oil heating doesn’t?

  • Superior Efficiency– Natural gas heating leaves less opportunity for heat loss, so all of the energy you pay for on your utility bill is actually heating your home. With natural gas’s energy efficiency, you can expect to reduce your heating costs from over $2500 during winter season to less than $750 (cost estimates are according to the federal Energy Information Administration).
  • More Environmentally Friendly– Gas has lower carbon emissions than oil, so making the switch will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. You may even be eligible for federal rebates, as the government is constantly looking to provide incentives for running energy efficient homes.
  • Cost-Efficient Investment– Making the oil to gas switch isn’t a purchase so much as it is an investment. The savings you’ll create will more than pay for the price of the equipment and installation. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget: even if you aren’t near a natural gas mainline, you can still make the switch to propane-powered heating and incur the same savings for your residency. Call The Outstanding Plumber today for an up-front estimate, and get started with natural gas before the winter hits!

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