Drain Cleaning in Long Island: 4 Common Causes of Drain Clogs

If you want to start 2016 off the right way, you may want to consider drain cleaning in Long Island. When drain clogs occur, it can seriously disrupt life in your home and may result in you being unable to use your plumbing fixtures. That’s certainly not the way to kick off the New Year!… Read more »

Drain Cleaning in Smithtown: The Benefits of Video Pipeline Inspection

It may be time for jingle bells and eggnog, but it may also be time for drain cleaning in Smithtown if you’re experiencing a problem with your drains. Hair, cooking grease, physical objects, chunks of food, and even soap can find themselves clogging up the drains and keeping plumbing fixtures in your home from working… Read more »

Why Should You Invest in Hybrid Water Heaters in Smithtown?

When it comes to water heating, homeowners are often bombarded with the same old question: conventional or tankless? While conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters both have their own set pros and cons, you may be conflicted on which type is better for your home. However, thanks to recent innovations in water heating technology,… Read more »

How Can You Determine if Oil to Gas Conversion in Long Island Right for You?

We’re headed for another tough NY winter – is your Long Island home ready for when the temperatures drop? More and more homeowners are switching to gas heat systems and saving hundreds on their heating bills every winter season – not to mention the fact that they’re staying cozier than ever before. At the Outstanding,… Read more »

Why Should You Consider Oil to Gas Conversion in Smithtown?

We’re in the midst of significant seasonal changes, but the weather and the color of leaves don’t have to be the only things that change. If you’re looking for a change that will provide you with more effective heating in your home, then you should consider oil to gas conversion in Smithtown. While appliances like… Read more »

Get Duct Cleaning in Smithtown Just in Time for Fall!

Duct cleaning in Smithtown can mean all the difference in how you enjoy the fall and winter. As temperatures in Smithtown go below freezing, a simple duct cleaning can make your home that warmer. However, without duct cleaning this fall, you may experience issues with heating and indoor air quality. Allergy and asthma sufferers are… Read more »

Do You Want a Water Heater in Smithtown? Here are 3 Things to Consider

Are you looking to purchase a new water heater in Smithtown? Then you should contact Outstanding to have one installed immediately. But before you go right ahead and call for installment, you should definitely take some time to consider the realities of actually purchasing and owning one. While purchasing a new water heater can be… Read more »

How Can Faucet Installation from a Smithtown Plumber Help You?

Our Smithtown plumber can provide repair, replacement, and installation on all of your plumbing fixtures. In addition to installations of toilets and showers, Outstanding often has phones ringing off the hook for faucet installation, and with good reason. Your faucet, possibly more so than any other appliance, is responsible for delivering clean, clear water for… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in St. James Can Save You Money!

If you’re losing money due to high utility bills, the answer to your problems may be found in oil to gas conversation in St. James! There are plenty of homes across St. James still using oil to heat their homes during the colder months. This only proves to be less cost-efficient, bringing frustration and headaches… Read more »

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