Sump Pumps During Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season again and because we live on an island, most of us live under the threat of basement floods. Every basement should have either one of two water evacuation systems in place from original construction. A sump pump may be a good way to get water out of your home.  While nothing takes… Read more »

Top Reasons to Call a Plumber

  Even for the handiest of DIYers there will come a time when every homeowner will have to call a plumber. While plumbers see their fair share of strange plumbing calls, most problems they face are pretty common. Here are some of the typical plumbing issues homeowners face. Dripping Faucets Aside from the annoying noise… Read more »

Is Your Toilet Running?

Running toilets can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day. In most cases, the problem is with a worn toilet flapper. A toilet flapper holds water in our toilet tank. When you flush, the flapper opens to release water to the bowl, then pivots back to seal the tank. Worn flappers allow water… Read more »

4 Sounds Telling You It’s Time for Furnace Repair

Furnace repair should be atop your winter to-do list if your current heating system is malfunctioning. However, many homeowners struggle in determining when to call for service. One warning sign they should be noticing is when their furnace begins making odd noises. Though it may be easy to shrug the noises off, it’s actually your… Read more »

How to Stay Warm Before Heating Service

Heating service should be atop your to-do list this winter if you expect to live comfortably in your home. This is especially true if you experience a sudden heating system breakdown during one of the coldest nights of the year. If you have ever experienced a heating system breakdown in the midst of winter, you… Read more »

Furnace Tune-Up Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

A furnace tune-up is essential at this time of year if you want to keep your home protected during the upcoming winter. With the need for heat more urgent than ever, you are probably doing some heating maintenance if you want to ensure your 100% comfort in a season full of snow and sleet. However,… Read more »

5 Furnace Parts You Should Know About Before Heating Repair

A heating repair can save you from plenty of stress and higher spending this season. With the weather get cooler seemingly by the day, you should not pass up the chance to call for high-quality heating service, it can mean all the difference in how you enjoy the season. Even it’s just a matter of… Read more »

What Fuel Types To Consider Before A Furnace Installation

Furnace installation is more important than ever at this time of year, especially with those outdoor temperatures on the way down. If your current furnace needs to be replaced or you simply do not have a reliable source of heat in your home right now, you need to get moving and install a new heating… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion in Kings Park: Why Should You Get a Consultation from Us?

With an oil to gas conversion in Kings Park, you can improve energy-efficiency for all of your heating systems and save tons of money you’d otherwise be spending on monthly utility bills. Heating systems running on oil tend to be less energy efficient and certainly not as environmentally-friendly, which is sending a growing of homeowners… Read more »

The Right Furnace Service For Your System

A furnace service is more essential to the colder months than comfy sweaters or hot bowls of soup. When temperatures dip below breezing, you cannot just allow your heating system to breakdown unexpectedly. You need to take action in ensuring your heating needs are met immediately. However, when you call for service, you may find… Read more »

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