Sump Pump Battery Backup

Are You in Ankle Deep?

When the heavy rains come, so does thunder and lightning. These combined elements can lead to flooding in your basement and power outages that can cripple your home.

Warning! Flooding and outages do not mix!

You might think that if there is rainfall that might cause floods and you have a sump pump, you're good. If the power goes down, your pump won't switch on, and you might find yourself ankle deep in water.

Don't let this happen to you. The best way to get around the problem of a power outage causing a sump pump to fail: a battery backup system.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Backup pumps are handy on the days when you are sitting by candlelight, waiting for the power to come back on. You won't have to worry about spending the days following a bad rainstorm cleaning out your soaked basement.

Battery backup pumps are installed next to your main pump and will begin working as soon as the water gets up to a patricular level.

An average sump pump system would normally remove the water out before it got to that level, so when the battery backup detects a problem, it starts up automatically.

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Benefits of a Battery Backup System
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Power
  • Year Round Protection

Backup systems are affordable, easy to install, and require very little maintenance. If your home has a finished basement, you need this protection to safeguard your investment. Battery backups are the best way to ensure you are always protected from basement flooding.