Water Filtration

Water Filtration Systems in Smithtown

What if we told you that the water you're drinking may not be as pure as you'd like to think? That is an unfortunate reality that we know you don't want your family exposed to.

If you're drinking bottled water, then don't worry. There's usually nothing wrong with it - except for the fact that it's expensive! Tap water, on the other hand, comes with some baggage - hard water, soft water, chemically cleaned water, and water contaminated with bacteria.

So, what's your best option? Do you keep dishing out money on bottled water to ensure your family stays healthy and hydrated? Or do you find a way to avoid those contaminants getting into your bodies? We suggest option number two, and have the best way for you to do it: Water filtration systems.

Benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration

These systems are a way for you to clean the water coming into your home so that you have safe water to drink. They purify water with a charcoal coconut cleansing process, and work to filter out sediment, bacteria, chlorine, and other chemicals. Though small, they are efficient systems that can be installed quickly on almost any plumbing fixture of your choosing. Benefits include:

  • Readily available clean and fresh household drinking water
  • Accessible at every household faucet
  • Spend less money on bottled water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Healthy and affordable

The plumbing experts at Outstanding Plumbing can help you and your family enjoy better quality water throughout your home. Call the office today to learn more!

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