Sump Pump Repair

Why You Need Sump Pump Maintenance

One way to lower the chance of your pump failing is with routine maintenance. At Outstanding, we make it our priority to ensure your basement or crawlspace keeps dry. When we come for to preform maintenance, we will perform the following tasks:

Test and Clean Your System

There are three primary components that our technicians will inspect - the float switch, the intake valve, and the impeller. We will examine the pump for any possible issues, cleaning them to ensure they are functioning normally. Once they confirm everything is in working order, they will clean the sump pump liner of any sediment.

Check the Discharge Line

If it's one of the cold months of the year, we will inspect the line for freezing. Otherwise, we will just ensure that water flows freely without any blockages.

Maintain Crawl Space Liner

If you have a crawlspace, we will check the liner and any other components you may have installed there.

Suggest Upgrades

The goal of a routine maintenance visit is to check that everything is working properly. In the case that our technicians observe problems that could arise in the near future, they will inform you and also suggest ways to address these issues fast!

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Problems We Fix!
  • Stuck Float Switch Repair
  • Failed Impeller
  • Incorrect Installation
  • Old Age
  • Improperly Sized Pump
  • Manufacturer Defects

At Outstanding Plumbing, we can fix any sump pump problem your home may be experiencing. No problem is too big or too small, so contact us today!