Oil to Gas Conversion in Suffolk County, NY Cont.

Some environmentally conscious people in Smithtown are concerned about their home’s carbon footprint, and here at Outstanding Plumbing we highly respect that. So what is the simple answer: is it more eco-friendly to heat your home with natural gas or with oil? If you take a look at the numbers like we have, you’re likely to choose natural gas.

The U.S. federal government did! That’s why they’re offering such attractive rebates to homeowners who make the switch. As the energy efficiency standard rises, politicians and manufacturers alike are trying to create incentives for people to switch to the domestic fuel-source that costs like and produces more heat without wasteful and destructive emissions.

But why is natural gas seemingly so much more energy efficient than oil?

Gas heating systems are more modernized than ever now that manufacturers are noticing the overwhelming trend to switch. That means that the technology for gas heating has been prioritized and is being applied to the most advanced and efficient equipment in the industry. From forced-air furnaces to radiant heating boilers, gas heating systems are more effective with the energy they apply, giving you even more savings on your utility bills as well as a more comfortable home.

Natural gas produces 30% fewer carbon emissions than oil, which on its own is enough reason for environmentally conscious homeowners to make the switch. Lower carbon dioxide releasing translates to fewer greenhouse gasses, meaning your personal carbon footprint as a New York homeowner can significantly shrink year over year with just one installation. Moreover, the rising use of natural gas in the U.S. has resulted in a dramatic decrease of coal burning: that means that the environmental advantages of natural gas are two-fold.

It is in the nation’s vested interest to have more homeowners switch to gas heating: as opposed to oil, the U.S. is one of the world’s largest natural gas shareholders, making heating more affordable.

And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what all of this is about? You want to make it through the Smithtown winter in a warm, cozy, comfortable home, and you don’t want to break the bank doing it. So check out natural gas heating today: call an Outstanding technician to see how much your system would cost to convert, and make this winter your best yet.

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