Oil to Gas Conversion in Suffolk County, NY

New York is among the last places in the U.S. where homeowners still use oil as a fuel source for their heating systems. The simple fact is that oil is an outdated fuel-source that not only operates at far lower efficiency but also produces more carbon emissions — making it the all around less advanced, less pragmatic, and more expensive option. Every year, more and more homeowners are making the switch to natural gas or propane. At this point, over 50% of the country currently uses natural gas, making it the most popular fuel source for boiler and furnaces in America, while oil has been declining since the 1960s and currently takes up less than 10% of the national market.

But that’s not even the only reason! Due to the increasing demand for higher-efficiency standards, utility providers have been offering attractive monetary incentives for making the switch— in fact, Long Island, NY homeowners are eligible for some of the largest rebates on the market right now! The only reason that there are still homes heated by oil is because those homes haven’t been upgraded, hence the fact that oil heating practically only exists on the East coast where houses are old. It’s clear that natural gas and propane heating are the future for American homeowners.

If you’re not already convinced that you need to make the switch from oil to natural gas right now before this winter hits, allow us to run some numbers for you:

According to the EIA, the average American homeowner only pays about $700 to heat their home in the winter season as opposed to over $2,000 for oil heat. Oil prices in the last 10 years have been steadily rising — which is, again, part of the reason that the number of oil heating systems nationwide has been in such steep decline. Additionally, homeowners who decide to switch right now can receive hundreds — even thousands — of dollars in rebates. Here in Orange County, the primary utility provider is Central Hudson, and they are offering $2,000 to homeowners who decide to convert. Can you afford to pass up those kinds of savings? At this point, not having a natural gas system is a bit like throwing money straight into the furnace itself!

So call Outstanding Plumbing today to get a consultation on your own home’s oil to gas conversion. If you make the switch before this winter, you save hundreds of dollars this year! Give our experts a call now!

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