Mold Prevention in Smithtown

When your basement floods, or a small room like a bathroom is not ventilated properly, it’s possible for mold to start growing in your home. Mold, though it seems harmless, can be fatal if inhaled. And, it’s almost impossible to get rid of. Certainly you don’t want your family exposed to this – and neither… Read more »

Outstanding Advice: Why Are Some Generator Installations So Much Cheaper?

Rob Cartelli here, owner of the Outstanding Plumber! I’ve got some information that I know homeowners in Suffolk County need to hear, so listen in: this is about a bad practice that some untrustworthy service professionals are pulling that I want you to be on the look-out for! Sometimes cheaper service isn’t always the best… Read more »

Energy Efficiency in Smithtown

Are you looking to save money this spring? You probably think that with your air conditioner running non-stop it will be nearly impossible. But, Outstanding Plumbing is here to tell you why it’s not. Though the price of electricity has gone up in recent years, especially during the summer months, there are ways for you… Read more »

Main Line Clog Repair in St. James

Ever wondered what a main line clog really looks like? It ain’t pretty. But fortunately, the Outstanding professionals at the Outstanding Plumber can get them cleared away for you in no time! We offer same-day service and up-front pricing for emergencies so that you can: Get fast, reliable drain service when you need it Know… Read more »

Boiler Repair in Smithtown

When you think about it, your boiler is really all that stands between you and the elements every winter. By heating your home with either steam or hot water, a boiler keeps your comfortable during the Long Island winter — which means it’s got a pretty substantial job to do. The steam boiler method works… Read more »

Furnace Tune-Up in Smithtown

Remember the polar vortex? Outstanding Plumbing sure does! Homeowners in Long Island who didn’t properly prepare for winter found that their furnaces couldn’t handle the pressure of reaching the thermostat pre-sets from those record cold temperatures. In 2013, we unfortunately had to make a large number of dispatches to homes that needed urgent furnace repair… Read more »

What does an Energy Saving Thermostat Do?

How does an energy saving thermostat help you raise the efficiency levels of your heating system? First, you need to understand how the technology has advanced in recent years. What has improved, and what are the advantages of buying a newer, more modern thermostat for your home? Basically, older thermostats had to be manually adjusted…. Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion Rebates in Long Island

It’s no secret that there’s a rising demand in America for heating systems that are more energy efficient. From economic, environmental, and even political viewpoints, it’s clear to everyone involved that making a nationwide switch from oil to natural gas is the best choice for our country moving forward. The federal government is continuing to… Read more »

Oil to Gas Conversion Considerations for Suffolk County

Before you reap the benefits of natural gas, there are other factors to consider when making the switch from oil. Here are five issues to anticipate when the professionals you contact are starting the installation process. Here are 5 considerations that all homeowners need to make before they officially make the switch! 1) Exhaust/Chimney Relining… Read more »

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