Heating Service in Huntington, NY

Did you read our 13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer this Winter? If you did and you’re already following those tips, you may be wondering about what else you can do to improve your home’s heating. There are plenty of simple upgrades to your home’s heating and insulation that a heating service professional can… Read more »

Rob Cartelli on Channel 2 News – Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

You may have seen Rob Cartelli of the Outstanding Plumber on the news recently. In the video above, you’ll see why: CBS 2 New York called him in as a heating expert when a family in Long Island experienced a traumatically close call with carbon monoxide. What does carbon monoxide have to do with heating… Read more »

Heating Service in Huntington, NY

Spending too much on energy bills? The Outstanding heating service experts of Huntington want to help! I’m Rob Cartelli, and here are my tips for keeping your home warm without breaking the bank: 13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer This Winter Beyond just saving money, it’s not always easy to keep a home warm… Read more »

Heat Pump Installation in Huntington

The correct installation of your heat pump is one of the most significant factors determining how well it maintains a comfortable temperature inside your house, its cost efficiency and, importantly, whether the manufacturer’s warranty is considered valid. If you want uncomplicated, correct heat pump installation in Huntington, here are a few factors to keep in… Read more »

Water Heater Installation in Smithtown, NY

In our last blog, we discussed the signs that you need a water heater replacement. You should look out for the warnings — otherwise a water heater could break and cause a flood in your basement! But apart from avoiding disaster, there are a number of critical reasons for people to invest in a new… Read more »

Water Heater Replacement in Smithtown

How old is your water heater? The answer to this question may be more important than you think. If your water heater is on its last legs, it could spring a leak at any moment and flood your basement. Right now, in this blog, the experts at the Outstanding Plumber want you to consider getting… Read more »

Outstanding Heating Tips: How to Keep Money in Your Pocket

As energy prices rise, most homeowners are concerned about keeping heating and cooling costs down. Here are some tips to help keep those energy bills under­ control, starting with the thermostat: Thermostat Energy Saving Tips Protect the thermostat for your heating or cooling system from anything that would cause it to give a false reading…. Read more »

Checklist To Winterize Plumbing Your Saint James Home’s Plumbing

The cold winter months can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system if you aren’t prepared for the temperature drop. Frozen water in pipes can be inconvenient at best and destructive at worst. As a good preventive measure get ready for winter with this winterize plumbing checklist. Fix Leaks Even the smallest water leak can… Read more »

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